Welcome to Aranya Farm

A sustainable organic farming initiative dedicated to providing high-quality Agri, Dairy, Health & Immunity products that are both nutritious and environmentally friendly. Aranya Farm is committed to using only natural farming methods and avoiding harmful chemicals to ensure that our products are safe and healthy for our customers and the planet. Our products are not only eco-friendly but also more nutritious and flavorful due to being chemical-free.


Cultivating Cordyceps

At Aranya Farm, we specialize in cultivating cordyceps, a rare and highly valued medicinal mushroom known for its potent health benefits. In addition to cordyceps, we grow a variety of exotic vegetables and herbs, and produce organic A2 cow ghee and wild honey. We firmly believe that Aranya Farms can be your go-to source for fresh, wholesome, and sustainably grown agricultural and dairy products.

Farm Of Pea

Farm 1

A 15 acres farm with abundance of resilient crops & vegetables developed via use of biotechnology. The farm also employs advanced agriculture sensors and livestock monitoring techniques to track and produce high-yield crops.

Agricultural Technology

Farm 2

A vast farm measuring 20 acres employs climate prediction tools, laser-based land leveling, and livestock monitoring to achieve better control and higher yields. The farm also adheres to a holistic, sustainable, and eco-friendly approach to ensure the production of high-quality crops.


Farm 3

Located in Panipat, Haryana, a small farm covering 6 acres specializes in the cultivation of mushrooms and other high-quality crops. The farm employs high-tech production processes with zero human touch to guarantee fully hygienic products.

dairy farming

Farm 4

A compact farm spanning 3 acres, equipped with several net houses and a dairy farming operation, concentrates on producing high-quality yields. To optimize crop health, the farm utilizes AI/ML tools for predicting plant diseases, pests, and nutritional needs. Additionally, AI sensors are employed to detect and target weeds, aiding in herbicide selection.