AjwainandNeemHoneyCombo AjwainandNeemHoneyCombo AjwainandNeemHoneyCombo AjwainandNeemHoneyCombo

Ajwain and Neem Honey Combo

Ajwain and Neem Honey Combo

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  • Honey: Ajwain and Neem
  • Weight: 300g each pack of 2


Aranya Honey is a pure and natural honey that is not only delicious but also beneficial as a natural sweetener. It can enhance the taste of various foods and dishes with its mild natural, and can easily absorb the essence of herbs, spices, flowers, and fruit peels through the infusion process. Moreover, it can be a wonderful homemade gift option for your friends and family, adding sweetness to their lives.

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    • Good for children's health

      Giving children Ajwain Honey can provide relief from colic, gastric issues, and stomach aches. The appropriate dosage, based on age, can quickly alleviate these symptoms, making it a beneficial option for children.

    • Prevent from infections

      Aranya is dedicated to sustainable practices at every step of its production process, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and distribution.

    • Weight Loss

      Ajwain Honey can aid in weight loss as well. Consuming one spoonful of Ajwain Honey with warm water early in the morning can produce positive results.

    • Anti inflammatory

      Neem Honey possesses anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the treatment of skin-related problems, as well as reducing pain and swelling caused by inflammation. Its antiseptic properties make it a suitable option for application on wounds and burns, promoting healing and preventing infection.

    • Energy booster

      Incorporating a spoonful of pure Neem Honey into your morning routine can assist you in combating fatigue symptoms.

    • Natural & Tasty

      Neem honey has a sweetness similar to that of other honeys, but its taste can differ based on its source. Some varieties may be less intense in natural, while others may be more bitter.

Frequently Asked Question

How is organic honey different from conventional honey?

Organic honey is sourced from beehives located in areas free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals, ensuring purity and environmental sustainability, while conventional honey may contain traces of pesticides and pollutants. It’s free from any additives or preservatives.

Why choose Aranya Honey?

Aranya honey is responsibly harvested from pristine natural environments, free from harmful chemicals and additives. Our commitment to ethical beekeeping practices ensures a pure and flavourful product, rich in nutrients and health benefits.

How can I be sure that Aranya honey is truly organic?

Aranya Honey guarantees adherence to strict standards for organic beekeeping and honey production. Our transparent sourcing and production processes further validate its authenticity.

Does organic honey taste different from regular honey?

Aranya organic honey offers a distinct taste profile, reflecting the diverse flora of its natural habitat. With its rich, complex flavours and aromas, it provides a unique sensory experience compared to regular honey.

Why is our honey price higher than other Honey Brands?

We source our Honey from pristine environments and each jar of Aranya honey embodies purity and excellence. It's 100% pure and is free from any additives or preservatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shazia A.
Good honey

This honey which I ordered from Aranyafarm naturals is one of the best honey

Gopal Tiwari
Awesome, authentic, pure

After a long time I have tasted row honey. Yet most products come nowhere close to the honey I used to eat as a child. The whole experience came back.

Parvesh Yadav
Valuable Honey

I have tried many honeys but this honey combo from Aranya is amazing, I really like it.

Harsh Pathak
Healthier Honey Combo

Aranya's This Combo: A delicious, healthy pairing. Soothes digestion, brightens skin and improves health. highly recommend.

Jagdish Kumar
I'm impressed the first try!

This is my first try of Aranya Honey. I liked the quality of it.